All-Russian Astrometry Conference
"Pulkovo - 2018"

October, 1-5 2018




08.07.2018 Second announcement
15.01.2018 First announcement

Foreign participants from most countries need a visa to enter Russian Federation. Participants who need a visa should receive a formal invitation from the Russian Academy of Sciences (which may make the process of obtaining the visa easier and cheaper). To receive the invitation, please contact Dr. Kirill Maslennikov through, the sooner the better (for some countries, it may take almost two months to issue an invitation), but no later than 1 June 2018, and enclose the scan of your passport (the page with the personal data). In addition, please indicate:

  • the address, phone and fax number of your Institute;
  • your formal position in the Institute;
  • the address to which the paper copy of the invitation is to be sent;
  • the city in which you prefer to obtain the visa.

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