All-Russian Astrometry Conference
"Pulkovo - 2018"

October, 1-5 2018





How to reach the Pulkovo observatory

Participants are advised to make their own reservation for accommodation as soon as possible. It is highly recommended making hotel reservation before the summer period.

You can select a hotel and book a room using following sites:
Hotels in St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Hotels
Conveniently located Low- and medium-cost hotels

The nearest to the conference venue medium-price hotel is Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya. It is located in less than 10 min walk from metro station "Moskovskaya" and in about 15 min by bus from Pulkovo Observatory. We plan to organize a bus from this hotel to Pulkovo Observatory in the morning and from Pulkovo Observatory to the hotel in the evening on the Conference days.

All flights arrive to and depart from the airport Pulkovo. It is currently under reconstruction, including possible changes in logistics. Please look up actual departure and arrival information, as well as the transportation details, at the airport Website.

Most of the airport transport routes start/finish by the metro station "Moskovskaya" (blue/M2 line at the Metro map). It is also the case for transport routes to/from Pulkovo Observatory. To go from/to the airport you can take regular bus route 39. Cost is 40 Rubles, you may also be requested to pay for large bags. Please notice that the transportation can be a subject of change. Please consult airport website for actual information.

If you stay at the hotel "Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya" you should get out one bus stop before metro station "Moskovskaya". Please inquire passengers or driver about the stop "Ploshchad' Pobedy" (Victory square) or "Gostinitsa Pulkovskaya" (hotel Pulkovskaya).

The metro station "Moskovskaya" is located under ground and has two escalators and several exits to the city. Exit the station following the "Bus to airport" direction (go forward if you arrived from the town center), use the escalator to come up and then follow the most far-left stair to exit to the street, as shown in the plan. You will found yourself just near the bus stop to go to the airport or Pulkovo Observatory. Note that the next bus stop will be near the hotel "Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya".

To go to Pulkovo Observatory from the metro station "Moskovskaya" you can take either regular bus routes 90, 150, 155, 301, 431 (cost is 40 Rubles, you may also be requested to pay for large bags) or shared taxi ("marshrutka") routes 403, 449 (cost is 40 Rubles). The ride from metro to Pulkovo Observatory takes about 15 min. You should get out at the first stop after climbing the Pulkovo Hill. It would be better to ask the driver of the regular route bus beforehand to stop there. It is mandatory if you ride in "marshrutka".

When you go back to the city, all the buses bring you to the metro station "Moskovskaya".

If you go directly from the airport to Pulkovo Observatory or from Pulkovo Observatory to the airport you have to change bus at the stop "Platforma Aeroport".

See plan of Pulkovo Observatory for Venue details and an overview showing the airport, Pulkovo Observatory and the metro station "Moskovskaya".

The currency in Russia is Ruble (RUB). The official exchange rate can be found here. Actual exchange rate in banks, hotels, etc. usually can differ from the official rate by several percents.

Don't miss a possibility to discover St. Petersburg! The following resources can help you to plan your visit.
St. Petersburg
City map
City Tourist Information Centre
City Tourist portal of St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Encycopaedia
St. Petersburg City Transport

General information about St. Petersburg city transport can be found here. Metro is the fastest and most convenient transportation. More detailed info about St. Petersburg city transport is available here. Your trip by the ground transports should be paid directly in the bus/trolleybus/tram to the driver (when entering or exiting, usually you will not be given a ticket) or to the conductor (when present).

You can purchase Petersburg Card, which allows you to get free entry to museums and tours, benefit from using an electronic transport purse and enjoy a lot of special offers and discounts at cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops of the city.

Average temperature in St. Petersburg in the last decade of September is 10-12oC by day and 5-7oC at night. Rain is quite possible during this season. So, don't forget your umbrella and a few warm clothes. Please check the weather forecast, e.g., from Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia or Intellicast before you trip.


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